Evolutionary Bodywork

This is the quintessential magic carpet ride session – the convergence of a lifetime of learning and over a decade in practice. A natural touch healer since childhood, my evolutionary bodywork treatment will soothe and nourish your tissue while allowing your subtle body to awaken through the vibrational healing of Acutonics planetary tuning forks, singing bowls, essential oils, flower essences, sacred smudges like sage and palo santo, and other energetic modalities. This treatment builds on the powerful Pure Massage and expands it into a multi-dimensional sensory oasis.  

During your intake, an intention will be established for the treatment. Intention setting is one of the most important aspects of these treatments. Intentions can vary — from intending to release the stress of certain situations and/or ailments, to connecting more deeply with oneself, to integrating growth and change, and so on. When you define an intention, the precise healing energy of the treatment is more effective. You want to imagine that you are creating a pathway for your body-mind-soul composite to (e)merge.

At the end of your session, you will be given space to rest in meditation to fortify the presence of the work.

I recommend a 90-minute session.

$120 / hour

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